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How does it work at UUNGU?

At UUNGU, we have four models in our closets. And we offer them to you during pre-orders.

Why this pre-order system?

As you probably already know, we operate almost exclusively on pre-orders. This system allows us to produce the right quantity without overproduction.

With UUNGU, we are trying to align ourselves with a consumption and production model, with a fair price that allows us to remunerate all our employees fairly, make their work centered on your needs, reduce storage and produce less waste. We hope you will trust us because the value for money is worth the detour.

Since the launch of UUNGU, we have always operated on pre-order, which allows us to produce the right quantity. As a result, our exchange times are longer because we are carrying out new creations in the workshop for the occasion.

How to order your sandals?

Very simple ! You just need to access the UUNGU online store. You will be able to discover the UUNGU pieces offered. Put the piece of your choice in the basket, specifying your size. Validate and make the payment.


You will then receive an email confirming your order with its number.

You can also order two or more pieces at a time. Simply increase the number of units of the part in your basket. And if you want other pieces, we invite you to close your basket and you can continue shopping without limit. Don’t worry, closing your cart doesn’t delete it.

Can I modify my order?

To modify an order, you must contact us at However, there are some cases in which we cannot modify an order, we detail them for you just below:

 – If after a pre-order you realize that you have made a mistake on the model and/or size, we invite you to contact us by email immediately. We will do our best to make your change. But as you know, we try to produce in a reasoned way by avoiding overproduction, and we send the right quantities to produce to our artisan collaborators in Kenya as soon as the pre-order ends to limit your waiting time. It therefore happens sometimes that we cannot make any modifications because the production has already started in the workshop.

 – If your package is already in the hands of the carrier, unfortunately we can no longer make changes to the order. You will then simply have to send us your part. We put all the explanations in our return form

 – If you bought during a sale on stock, there we can make the modification provided that the part is available in stock.

Where can I find my invoice?

All your invoices are available from your UUNGU customer area. Simply select the order and click on “Print Invoice”.

 Otherwise don’t panic, we also put a copy in the package during shipment and you always have the possibility to request it by email at the email address:

Can I make a pre-order?

Of course ! Pre-ordering is accessible to everyone (women and men), even if you have not yet placed an order with us and do not have a UUNGU account.

 We start from a principle of gender equality: no privileged access to sales. You can place an order at any time on our online store and be delivered within the time indicated when placing the order.

How do I find my size?

Sizes are on request. And we use a standard of European shoe sizes.

All you have to do is tell us your shoe size according to the European standard.

When is my pre-order confirmed?

Any Order or Pre-order is validated after obtaining authorization for payment by credit card from the officially accredited body. So the validation time will depend on the time it takes to obtain this authorization.

You are charged when you place an order, whether it is an in-stock or pre-order purchase.

We accept almost all cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Carte Bleue and Maestro).

For AMEX, you just have to be careful to match the billing address with the one on your AMEX contract, for it to work.

Payments made on the site are debited immediately. We cannot offer a payment solution via PayPal because it is not compatible with our pre-order system.

For payment by credit card, don’t worry, you will have access to a dedicated space made available by the Caisse d’Epargne. This ensures the security of the registration of the payment order and also the security of the payment itself.

The UUNGU brand reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or to honor an Order or Pre-order from a Customer who has not fully paid for a previous order/pre-order or with whom a payment dispute is in progress.

Can I cancel my order ?

Yes !!!

So to cancel your order, you must contact us at We will take care of canceling it and refunding you.

On the other hand, if the order is already in the hands of our craftsmen or in the carrier’s truck, unfortunately we are no longer able to cancel it. It will therefore be necessary to request a return for reimbursement with the reason “Retraction”.

What are the delivery times ?

Delivery times are communicated during the Order/Pre-order. These are indicative deadlines, expressed in working days and corresponding to the average deadlines for the production of parts in the workshop, their transport to the warehouse and delivery.