A team of enthusiasts at your service.

UUNGU is a dynamic team, committed but also competent and experienced by the diversity of the profiles that compose it.

Souleymane Saël Bah
Founder of  UUNGU


Originally from Guinea and a globetrotter at heart, Souleymane Saël  has lived in sub-Saharan Africa, the Maghreb and several European countries. After his studies in business school, an experience as a customer relations manager for luxury ready-to-wear brands, he became a model and presenter of a cultural program on a Web-TV. He finally settled in Belgium to found the UUNGU brand.

Daniel Wathelet
Project coaching and collective intelligence.


Currently in charge of communication for the Liège tramway, he is responsible for the structure and construction of the UUNGU project.

Martine Ernoux
Consultancy, creation and  production of  ecological and ethical clothing.


Formerly responsible for fair trade at OXFAM, with thirty years of experience. In fashion, she launched her own line of vegetable-dyed clothing. It develops the technical and equitable aspect of the UUNGU project.

Benoît Varlet
Product development and quality control.


Specialized in luxury leather goods, he ensures the development of prototypes and quality control.

Jeffrey Beckers
Digital Marketing


Specialized in communication, he is in charge of the visual and digital identity of the UUNGU project.

“At UUNGU, each person is a beauty in their own right. And we make sandals to celebrate this singularity. Above all, we are convinced that, whatever their style, each person is capable of shaking up the codes to assert themselves and highlight their personal beauty.”